Tecno Camon C9 five important features and Price in Nigeria

5 Important features of the Tecno Camon C9

Tecno Camon C9 is the leading camera phone from Tecno Mobile. The device boasts of 13MP front and back cameras. The Camon C9 phone also has a full HD screen and a Mediatek octa-core processor. It has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Below are the top features of the TECNO Camon C9.

 tecno camon c9

13MP front and back cameras

The Tecno Camon C9 is designed as the perfect camera phone with its dual flash 13 MP camera in the rear and another 13 MP in the front. There have been loads of changes to ensure that it stands out immensely, you can be sure that this device looks nothing like the previous model.

 The camera has the ability to filter out parasitic light

So this part totally blew my mind. I tried a few shots with the C9 and was left awe struck, especially as I didn’t see it coming. Clear, bright and lively are the simplest words to describe photos from the Camon C9. Spotting 6-optical lens, an F/2. 0 aperture which allows 15% more light into the lens, and a specially made blue glass that filters parasitic light (unwanted kind of light) from getting in, your photos are sure to always come out crisp with the C9 – enhanced smartphone photography that brings alive all the colours around you.

83-degree wide angle front camera

The Camon C9 has good news – it has a wider angle that aims to achieve that near-perfect selfie with friends. Official specs reveal an 83-degree front camera coverage in normal mode, and 120 degrees in panorama mode. And yes you read me right – the front camera of the C9 has the panoramic feature. That’s definitely enough an angle to capture between 8-10 people at once!

My high-end android smartphone couldn’t achieve that (same with my iPhone 6s). I’m no mathematician to calculate the stated angle coverage, but a comparison with photos taken with other smartphones touted to have a wider angle camera will speak for itself.  Simply put, selfies have long gone beyond a single person – life is more beautiful with friends. The Camon C9 has to be that smartphone to come in handy to capture those special occasions.

 Iris (Eye) Scanner to unlock the device

The eye scanner is one of the greatest innovation on this device. I have used it and I can tell you it is trustworthy. However, there is room for improvement as the eye scanner is not quick to identify ones iris when there is a total change in environment. For instance, I was in the club the other day and I wanted to brag about my eye scanner to those who cared and didn’t care, but the eye scanner wouldn’t budge. Then I had to re-register in the club before it was able to identify my eyes. I trust TECNO to improve on that one.

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An accessory called T-Band

So, because I pre-ordered, I was given the T-Band; which is why I can tell you about its uses now


  • With your phone 10m away, the T-Band can be used to take pictures (especially selfies).
  • When your phone is 10m away from you, the T-Band vibrates, alerting you of the absence of your Camon C9
  • Pressing the T-Band for three seconds equal to the Camon C9 ringing or vibrating (depending on the audio profile) wherever it is. This means that as soon as your Band vibrates and you suspect a foul play, you can immediately make it ring wherever it is, then it will be easy to locate.


  • It does not have an LCD screen
  • It’s hard to tell if the T-band is fully charged
  • It cannot be used to answer an incoming calls, this is very bad for a T-band
  • The function is very limited

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