New Nokia 3310 is out- Spec and its Price

The New Nokia 3310 was finally unveiled at the just concluded MWC 2017 in Barcelona, courtesy of new brand maker HMD. Thus making the rumor to be true.

The phone will be gaining ground with a mixture of 3310 charm and some advanced specification. The good part of it is that, it’s so cheap, going for a price around $50.

It has the iconic snake game with those nostalgic ringtones of old years and also as indestructible as it was then. It’s taking after its predecessor which is over 15 years old. That’s a long way coming from a mobile phone.

New Nokia 3310

When holding the new 3310, it’s endearing as before and it was equipped with a modernized design and hardware. Also, it came with a smooth design with different color options to choose from; the glossy orange and yellow option.

Nokia and HMD will make it available globally before the end of Q2 2017. It will be launched with 2-megapixel as camera peering from the back with a colored screen with a more internal upgrade like micro-USB charging port, headphone jack, microSD storage and Bluetooth. There is no Wifi, GPS, and app store.

The New Nokia 3310 feature also include 2.5G internet which is low speed, built-in Opera browser to handle Twitter and facebook push in. Nokia now did the incredible by adding a battery to take the phone for almost a month on standby. This will be the selling point of the phone.

Would you rather get the phone?

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