Top 5 Most important Apps For Your Smartphone

For a Smartphone to really perform its task, there are some important apps that need to be installed. The needed apps are listed below.


  1. Camscanner

This application is one of my trusted app that have saved me from failure and has proven to be one of the best app in time of need. It allows you to scan your document on the go with your CV and Credential readily available. It has ability to scan and convert directly to PDF for snding directly to email and printing as well. It has my number one spot among the needed  important apps for your smartphone.

  1. Word Editor

This is also one of the important apps for editing and typing directly on your phone if PC is not available Example of this word Editors are Microsoft word mobile, WPS. It has same features as the PC version. You can change fonts, make bold or italics, as well as edit and save directly. It is a needed app for job hunters and employees in private sector that needed to do office work on the go.

  1. Tubemate

This application makes one of the list because of its ability to download directly from youtube. Youtube as the most collection of videos makes it impossible to download directly from its server without a thirdparty app or tweaking. Tubemate is the most trusted youtube downloader with less ads and with a good UI.

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  1. Poweramp Player

This music player is the best and most trusted music player out there with a great performance and interface. It is capable of playing different types of music format; m4a,mp3,wav,wma. Other music players don’t have these, it has have bass booster embedded in the app. This and some other features make poweramp to be the best and trusted application for smartphone.

  1. Musicmatch

This player is one of the best lyrics finder for smartphone. It helps to sing along while listening to our favorite music. It boast of having most collection of lyrics in the world including our indigenous music ranging from Yoruba to igbo and hausa. It also rank as part of important apps for a smartphone.

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