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The Gallery App on Tecno phones and its uses

My picture gallery app on Tecno phones and the importance of the deleted recently folder.Gallery are where photos stored on our phones. They are displayed and arranged according to folders just like how arts and monuments are displayed in museum. Some gallery apps can play and display videos just like the gallery app on these latest TECNO devices-Camon C9, Camon C7, Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 plus.

The gallery app on these TECNO devices is called My Picture. The app has interesting features that many people will find helpful. One of such feature is the slide show that displays all the pictures taken with the camera at the top of the grid. It saves the time taken browsing through each of the pictures from the beginning.

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Ladies in particularly will like the embedded make up function of the gallery. TECNO called this feature Beautify Photo. It’s a feature that trains you how to enhance your pictures and ultimately make you an amateur make-up artiste. The photo editing function has filter, rotate, crop, blur, mosaic and adjust. They all help to make your pictures more pleasing and colourful.

Deleted Recently Folder

Have you ever mistakenly deleted pictures that you cherish so much? And there seems to be no solution how to recover them? These are the questions the folder called deleted recently is created to answer. The deleted recently folder acts like the recycle bin that is on our laptop, but it only takes care of pictures deleted from the device and no other files. The pictures stored on the deleted recently folder can last for 30 days after which they are deleted permanently. Therefore, any picture mistakenly deleted can be restored within a-30 day period.

deleted recently folder

One major issue people may encounter with the deleted recently feature is that it occupies large portion of our phone storage if pictures are left to accumulate. I experience this issue on my Tecno Camon C9 until I discovered that pictures I recently deleted are over 200. Just imagine how much space that will occupy when one picture is more than 5MB.

The bottom line is that this feature is very useful but one needs to periodically check the folder to restore the one needed and permanently delete the unwanted ones

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